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                                                                                         It's not just stained concrete anymore! 
                                       It's Diamond Polished and Acid Stained Concrete floors!
                 Diamond Polishing brings out the natural character and the unique beauty of a concrete slab and 
         transforms the surface of concrete into the most durable and minimal maintenance floor on the market today.
                                                        Our floors look and feel like marble.
                                      Floors that are a "Work of Art" to be enjoyed for a lifetime!

We Specialize in Residential - Commercial - Custom Homes - Ranch Houses - Barndominiums

West Texas - Austin - San Antonio - Boerne - Bandera - Kerrville - Dallas - Ft Worth

About Stained Concrete Art:

My name is Steve Perkins. I started Stained Concrete Art in 1995 in West Texas. 
Based in San Angelo Texas, I have traveled to many cities and states to work, mostly from word of mouth.
In 2002 we incorporated diamond polishing with our  acid stained floor techniques.
After many trials and experiances with numerous types of concrete slabs, stains, machines, diamonds, sealers, etc...
I feel we have the best process technique and the most durable floors in the decorative floor business today.
We take pride in creating beautiful, unique, and the most durable flooring in the market.

We are equipted for small jobs from 500 sq ft and  experienced and equipted to handle
decorative diamond polished floors 30,000 sq ft. and up. 
We travel anywhere in the US according to size of job.

Our sister company, Texas Concrete Effects, is owned by our son James Branscum based in Houston Texas. 
Check out his websites for more info and pics about Diamond Polished and Acid Stained Concrete.                      

I encourage you to Google - Diamond Polished Concrete and read articles about the long term duribility. 

Most important, We Stand Behind the Finished Surface Duribility of our Floors.

Based on Facts:
I have had an informative website for many years, so when I decided to build a new site,   
I wanted to build a site based on facts from many years of  hands on experiance in creating decorative floors,
so that you, the customer, will be able to ask the right questions and make a good decision
when spending your money on a decorative concrete floor.

I will explain the hugh difference in Diamond Polished and Acid Stained Floors
compared to what I call "Off the Bottle Direction Floors".   

I have been concerned lately that stained concrete has been getting a bad rap from some
home and business owners, and building contractors. 
This is mostly due to surface durability problems with topical finishes and fly by night stain applicator contractors
that read the directions on the bottle and become instant professionals.

Not all concrete staining processes are the same! 
If done properly, diamond polished and acid stained concrete floors are very unique and the most durable flooring on the market !
If done wrong, a bad stained concrete floor with topical finishes is absolutely the worst flooring you can have!

95% of the stained concrete floors you see in public or on websites are what I call, off the bottle directions.
The directions on the bottle of stain or on websites are for DIY
You have to understand that the stain manufacture  has to make it easier because there are more DIY than professional applicators.

Off the bottle direction floors are orange, splotchy, and covered with a scratched urethane topical sealer finish.

In fact, you can't even see the concrete because it is covered with acid residue and a urethane topical finish.
This is not a true stained concrete floor!

You have to have experiance with many types of concrete slabs and more important, the right equipment, to get a durable floor! 

The most important factor in a stained concrete floor is the Surface Duribility  !!!

Staining is not the big deal. Actually it is the easiest part of our process.
Staining is simply changing the color of the concrete.

Topical sealer duribility is the biggest problem in the decorative concrete flooring industry today!
You should  never use a roll on or spray on topical urethane  sealer on the surface of a stained concrete floor.  Period!
You are getting a maintenace nightmare!
Oil or water based topical sealers are used to pop the stain color and seal the concrete.
But more importantly, they are used to make the floor shine.
One thing is for sure,  and I don't care what any floor stain contractor says, any topical sealer, urethane, acrylic, or epoxy,
will scratch, become dull from foot traffic, peel, and turn white.
These types of sealers are usaully rolled or sprayed on to the surface of the concrete becoming a topical finish. 
It is quick for a contractor to apply and  usaully inexpensive.
Most contractors will not tell you that their floors have to be resealed periodically.
When the surface scratches, begins to look dull and loses its shine,  the only solution that most contractors
can do is simply apply more sealer. This only makes the problem worse.
Applying more topical sealer forms another layer of build up on the surface of the floor and more to scratch.
It may look better for a couple of weeks, but you will end up with the same problem again and again and  again.
I see surface scratched floors before people can even get their furniture moved in.
I get at least 4 calls a week from people wanting to fix the problems with topical urethane finishes.

It all boils down to Surface Duribility!

Diamond Polished and Acid Stained Floors are the most unique and Durable flooring available on the market today.
NO TOPICAL SEALERS.   Our finished floor absolutely will not scratch and never has to be resealed.

Our floors are Diamond Polished. What this means is we use machines equipted with  commercial grade
gritted diamonds to polish or sand the surface of the concrete. Polishing to higher grits smoothes the concrete surface
to a natural high reflective shine. Much like a marble floor or granite countertops.
We do seal the concrete to pop the stain color, but it is penetrates below the surface. 
When finished, there is no topical sealer coating or film between your feet and the concrete surface.
You are walking and living on the natural shine of polished concrete.
Minimal maintenance is why the big box stores are now using the diamond polishing process.
If you go into Lowe's, Sams, Home Depot, that is diamond polished concrete.
They run forklifts, pallet jacks, carts, and hundreds of people across the floors everyday.
You will notice that the floors do not have surface scratches and has a high reflective shine.

Our floors are the exact same. The only difference is our floors are decorative acid stained and scored with  patterns.

No resealing or high tech waxes to apply or to strip.

It takes diamond polishing to bring out the true character and the duribility of a stained concrete floor!
  With a good concrete slab, we can make a floor look like natural stone and feel like marble.

The most important step in selecting a concrete staining contractor is, Go Look At Their Work !
Especially if you are building a new house or office !!
Ask for several references and talk to the customers.
Don't be fooled with all the fancy pictures, scoring patterns and art work !
I have talked to alot of disappointed people.   
You need to see what you are paying for and what to expect !!!

It takes experiance
Many years of experiance with many different types of concrete slabs to produce a beautiful and durable floor.

Maintenance on our floors

Do not use any type of mop on wax or sealers on these floors. It defeats the purpose of no topical finishes.

 The hardest thing for me to get across is, these floors do not have to be mopped every time you clean.
Mopping causes any floor, weather it is tile, marble, wood or concrete to look dull 
because of film build up of dirty, soapy mop water.
I have found a machine that works perfect to maintain our floors:
Oreck Orbiter.  Is a simple, very small, 12", and powerful floor buffing machine that anyone can use.
Easy Easy Easy.    
Order the green pad or go to a local janitorial supply and buy a 12" green pad. 
The green pad is aggressive enough for taking off  film build up and shining the floor back to new.
Orbiter does not have to be used every time the floor is cleaned, but the more it is used, the shiner the floor.
Daily clean:
Simply dust mop. 
If you have spills just spot clean with water on a  damp rag and dry off.
Weekly clean:
Gets up any dust or dirt left from dust mop.
Monthly clean: 
Vacuum to get up all dust and dirt. 
Run Orbiter with green pad on floor dry.
Vacuum to pick up any dust or dirt taken off with Orbiter.
The floor will shine like new!
If you feel like you have to mop:
Do not use any type of soapy chemicals in the water when mopping. Mr Cleaner etc...  
These soapy chemicals do not hurt the floor, but when used they are never rinsed very well.
Causes a dry soapy buildup or film on the floor.
Vacuum to get up any lose dust or dirt.
Mop with a damp mop with R O or tap water only.
Let dry.
Run Orbiter with green pad on floor dry. Takes off any film.
Floor will shine like new!
Remember:   If you ever have a problem or any questions about maintaining your floor,
                     Please give us a call !

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