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Almost all stained floors are simply clean concrete, spray on stain, seal with topical sealer.

Our diamond polishing and staining process is an 8 to 10 step process.
We do a true mechanical step by step polishing process meaning we start at a low grit diamond and step up to
the next higher grit diamond to reveal the true beauty of the concrete slab and polish to a high natural shine.
Example: 50 grit 100, 200, 400, 800,  plus the staining, cleaning and finishing processes.
Each step is one pass with machines across the entire floor.
We use state of the art machines and dust control vacuum systems.

The results of diamond polishing and acid staining depends on the condition of the concrete slab.
All concrete slabs are not the same. Concrete is either very hard,  hard,  medium hard,  medium,  soft,  or very soft.   
Concrete can be different in different parts of the country because of different materials available.
Concrete can be different from each truck load to a single slab.
There are so many factors of getting a good concrete slab.
Type of concrete used, additives to the mix, weather conditions when pouring,  experiance pouring, and how finished.

Many  jobs we do, the slab is already poured. So basicly we have to work with what we get.
With a test spot, we can tell you the condition of your concrete slab within minutes and what to expect in the end result.

If the condition of your concrete slab is bad, and I don't feel like I can get a quality job, I will let you know.
I will not do a job just for the job!

We have the lastest equipment, technology, and experiance to get the best floor possible with the condition of your concrete slab.

New Residential and Commercial

The most important part of your new residence or office is your concrete foundation!

If you are considering our process, are not, it is still important to get a good concrete foundation!
It will cost a little more to get good concrete for your foundation,
but very little considering getting a very good or excellent concrete foundation.
Believe me. Most people do not know what type of concrete they are getting for their foundation.
Most people will never know because it is typically covered with wood, tile, or carpet.

If you are considering Diamond Polished and Acid Stained Concrete Floors, give me a call before the concrete slab is poured. 
I will talk to you, your contractor, and the concrete finishers about what concrete to use,
and how to finish, to get the best results for our process.

The harder and denser the concrete slab and surface, the better the results for our diamond polishing and staining process.
Also, it is a better foundation  for your new home or business!

We all need to be on the same page for the best results!

1.   Call me before the slab is poured.

2.   Use 5 sack or better concrete with no additives. ( No fly ash )  
      You have to make this clear, NO FLY ASH, when ordering concrete from the concrete company!
      Do not add water to the concrete before pouring, or to the surface when finishing.

3.   Power trowel the surface until hard or burnt

4.   If you are considering doing porches, Do Not Broom Sweep.  Smooth finish, same as main foundation.

5.   Call me when foundation is poured so I can schedule the time for us to start the job.

6.   I prefer to start as soon as the structure is dried in so we can get the floor protected
      with a protective construction finish before other contractors come in.

7.   Contractors can work on the floor without covering.
      Run fork lifts, scissor lifts, scaffolds with wheels, sheetrock mud, paint overspray, etc...  It will not hurt the floor.
      I only ask to protect the floor when spray painting base boards or spraying oil based stains and finishes on cabinets. 
      Do Not spray paint directly on the floor Paint does not hurt the floor, just more for us to clean up.

8.   Do Not put tape on the floor.  If covering the floor for any reason, use tape around the base boards only.
      Tape paper to paper. Some tapes form an acid when used on concrete.
      According to density, some tape will eat into the concrete and pull a layer of concrete up when removing.

9.   We come back at the end of the project, take off the construction finish, and do the final finish.

Flooring expense seems to be the first thing that people will cut to help with their budget.
I ask, why cut on the most important part of your new building or home that is used the absolute most?
Your floor !!!

You ARE going to get what you pay for in this business!
Believe me, I have heard it all. I can do it myself.  My painter can do it.  My contractor says he can do it. 
My contractor says he has somebody that can do it cheaper.  I talked to a guy that can do the same thing you do.  
Concrete stain is concrete stain, anybody can do it.    etc....etc...etc....

Concrete Staining is the fastest growing self start business in the country.
Some people go to a school for a weekend and come out Pros.
Some people read the directions or watch a video on the web and they can do it.
Anybody can read directions, apply stain on top of concrete, and roll on a topical finish.  
This is why most stained concrete floors look the same and do not last.                                                                                    
The problem is, this is not True Stained Concrete.                  
It is nothing more than acid stain residue left on the surface of the concrete and sealed with a topical sealer.

The reason most stain applicators don't last very long in this business is when topical sealer finishes 
begin to scratch, become dull, peel, and turn white, they can not do anything except apply another coat of topical sealer.
Applying more topical sealer over old sealer just creates the same problem over and over and over.

 It cost anywhere from $2.50 to $3.50 a sq ft just to install tile or wood floors.
This is before buying the tile or wood.

We are priced about the same as a medium tile or manufactured wood floors.
I look at it this way. If any type of wood, tile, or carpet, has to be replaced once,
from wear or water damage, our floors are the best value.
Our floors are extremely durable. No wearing, and if water flooded, just vacuum.

Simply compare the price difference of other flooring.

I base my prices on high quality work and the long term durability,
and minimal maintenace of diamond polished and acid stained floors.

Base Pricing:

I feel like a 400 to 800 grit polish is beautiful in a home or office.

Consider 1500 to 3000 grit polish for commercial applications.
Very High Reflection!
Great for very contemporary look in homes, commercial applications,
 warehouses, car collectors garage. No Tire Marks

New Residential or Commercial Construction:   Interior and exterior:

Old World Floor
No Diamond Polishing - Cleaned -Acid Stained - One Color - Matte Finish                                  $4.50 sq ft.
Beautiful floor and very durable !
(Only on new concrete slabs and patios that has had nothing on it)

Diamond Polished Floor Natural Concrete Color                            
Finished to 400 Grit Shine      $4.00 sq ft.
No Stain                                                                                            
Finished to 800 Grit Shine      $4.50 sq ft.

Diamond Polished Floor -Acid Stained - One Color                       Finished to 400 Grit Shine       $5.00 sq ft.
                                                                                                          Finished to 800 Grit Shine       $5.50 sq ft.

Existing Floors -  Interior and exterior:

Existing floors require at least one Diamond cut pass to take
up old carpet glue, paint, sheet rock mud etc.... 
Fill carpet tack holes                               (one Diamond cut pass)   Old World Matt finish              $5.50 sq ft.
                                                                                                          Finished to 400 Grit Shine       $6.00 sq ft.
                                                                                                          Finished to 800 Grit Shine       $6.50 sq ft.

Redo existing stained floors with topical finishes:
I can not repair a prior stained concrete floor with urethane 
topical finishes that has scratched, become dull from wear, 
or turned white. I can only completely REDO the floor.
                (one Diamond cut pass to take up old finish and stain)  Old World Matt Finish             $6.00 sq ft.

                                                                                                         Finished to 400 Grit Shine        $6.50 sq ft.
                                                                                                         Finished to 800 Grit Shine        $7.00  sq ft.

Additional to Base Price:

Diamond Polishing higher than 800 grit: ( 1500 and 3000 grit)  
VERY HIGH REFLECTION IN FLOOR!                                                    $.50 sq ft per higher grit pass
Great for any commercial application, car collecting shops, race shops

Custom Art:   mixing two or more colors, entry pieces:   Bid

Changing to different color in different rooms:    N/C

Scoring:  according to size and complexity of the pattern           $1.00 - $20.00 sq ft. of room

Different color on borders:   $1.00 sq ft of room

Thin set removal or certain glue removal:   Bid

Because of cost of materials, equipment, and time to do a floor, we have a minimum of 500 sq ft
on porches and 850 sq ft interior.
Depending on the size of job, there may be travel expenses if over night stay is required.
Please Call

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